True engagement & persuasion with psychographic data

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More than performance uplift, we help you understand and engage your customers. Utilizing data on customer, product, and context, we create a holistic psychological profile of your customer so you can best engage them.

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Psychographic data transformed into powerful insights

Customer segments respond differently to persuasion styles. Find out what works better for new versus returning customer; male versus female customers; among many other customer traits we capture!

Understanding the best words and phrases that works on specific segments helps you craft messages for targeted campaigns - such as ‘new female customers within an age group and location’ - both offline and online, across all platforms.

Machine Learning

Psychographic API

PlusMargin’s Persuasion Profiles can be synced with your marketing stacks, integrating seamlessly into your workflow.

The psychographic data we capture through each user click and behavior can be accessed through our API. With a simple plugin, enhance the capabilities your marketing and technology solutions across the board with PlusMargin’s psychographic data.