Gain and retain consumers with
high-impact persuasion strategies

Combining behavioural psychology and AI, we psychologically profile your visitors with persuasion strategies.
Increase your revenue and achieve an in-depth understanding of your customers.

The most powerful content optimized
by our persuasion strategies

Persuasion Strategies.

50 highly specific strategies to persuade consumers to take action, based on customer psychology and evidence-based research.

Everyone Responds
Differently to Persuasion.

Every individual is consistently more responsive to a type of persuasion strategy. Instead of using a generic 'best' strategy, we find the optimal content for each individual, based on their unique customer profile.

Persuasion Delivered
in Messages and Labels.

Our persuasive strategies are weaved into content, taking the form of onsite messages and labels. They impact your customers on a deep cognitive level, appearing as a seamless feature on your website.

Integrate within minutes.

We guide you through an easy and speedy installation process, integrating with your existing personalisation vendors.

Greater conversion and
returning visitors

Enterprise Grade, full scale
security and support

Maximize customer

Higher Average Order
returning visitors

Boost your revenue by
more then 30%

Big Data + Artificial Intelligence

We have created proprietary framework of 50+ persuasion strategies, backed by evidence-based psychological research and each verified strategy targets precise congitive processes of consumer.

A certain persuasion tactic may work well on one user but it may backfire on another. In converting one user, you may be losing several other customer - to combat this, PlusMargin uses AI to predict what type of tactics each user is prone to and subsequently persuades them to buy using intelligent on-site messaging.

Partners with
your existing
personalization vendors

Install within

Backed by leading investors in E-commerce
and Software as a Service

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