You have 5 words and one chance to win a customer. What would you say?

Combining behavioural psychology and AI, we use the most effective persuasion strategies to motivate your customers. Increase your revenue while gaining deep customer insights.

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Persuasion strategies that motivate each unique customer into taking action.

  • Powered by behavioural psychology & machine learning
  • Delivered in words, phrases, and sentences
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What persuades and motivates consumers?

With our research-based, comprehensive framework of persuasion strategies, discover the most effective way to influence every unique customer.

Psychological insights that enhance your marketing campaigns

Build a comprehensive psychological profile of your customers with PlusMargin. Your marketing efforts enhanced to be targeted, personalized and intelligent.

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Partner with your existing vendors

Working with a third party vendor? We partner with your email, martech, and analytics vendors, ensuring our solution complements your workflow.

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Seamless integration with your system

Sit back and let us do the work. We design the integration process to take minimal effort on your part.


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